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Fourth Trimester Family Therapy

Supporting new parents on the path to whole family wellness.

You've brought home your tiny bundle of joy and your entire universe has changed in the blink of any eye. It's a time of great joy and intense transition. New parents must figure out how to live as caregivers, exist as an individual, and maintain their relationship in the midst of enormous stress. Isn't it weird that we often spend more time preparing to go to college or to buy a home than we do getting ready to parent together?  

In Fourth Trimester Family Therapy I work with families, in their homes, for a short time (3, 6, or 12 week program) as they navigate the "fourth trimester" and early parenthood, typically in the first six months after bringing a baby home. I believe in the importance of early work and prevention to set families on a positive path and avoid common pitfalls. I collaborate with couples as they work through challenges (e.g., post-partum anxiety and depressive symptoms, new parent conflict, processing birth trauma) and build relational and individual resilience to help build and sustain lasting whole family wellness.

Read about what's involved below.

Trowel and Soil

Collaborative Goal-Setting Session

In this stage, we meet for a 2-hour session where we get to know one another. I learn about your background as individuals and as family, check on how you're feeling, and ask what your goals are for our work together. We set our schedule for meetings and go over the plan for moving forward.

New Growth



We meet weekly for 3, 6, or 12 weeks in your home or at my office. Each session includes a flexible focus on a key topic relevant to holistic new family wellness. The approach is evidenced-based and goal-directed, while maintain warmth and individualized attention to your families' unique needs.

Misty Sunbeams

Digital Check-Ins + Resource Guide

Need support between sessions? Each program includes regular digital check-ins with me and a dynamic resource guide for new families in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. You can  reach out at any time via the secure message platform and I will get back to you as soon as possible within 24 hours.

Program Costs











Want to continue after your program? See my regular services here.

Some or all of the costs for these services may be covered by insurance in or out of network. Contact me to talk about this option.

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