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Let's go change
the world.

 Wellness-oriented therapy, consultation, workshops, and media oriented towards thriving for all.


Dr. Janelle S. Peifer
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Psychologist - Academic - Speaker - Consultant


I wear a few hats.  The thread that ties it all together?

A commitment to work aligned with my core raison d'etre:

liberation + wellness for all


Foggy Forest

- Psychologist -

As a practicing psychologist committed to inclusive and identity-informed therapy, I work with individuals and couples. I specialize in work that involves complex trauma and significant life transitions. I enjoy deep work with high achieving Black and other women/non binary folx of color who want to move beyond success alone to holistic and meaningful thriving.

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- Academic -

At the University of Richmond, I work as an assistant professor of psychology. My teaching and research focuses on college student development, emphasizing identity and intercultural competence development with an intersectional and strength-based lens. My second branch of research centers trauma and post-traumatic resilience and flourishing.

Foggy Forest

- Speaker + Consultant -

I collaborate with individuals, institutions, and organizations to facilitate dialogue, lead workshops/talks, engage with media, and consult.

Core Areas of Expertise:

- Private Private Practice Development + Scaling

- Identity, Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

- Trauma, Resilience, + Complex PTSD 

- Mental Wellness + Healthcare


Dr. Janelle believes in the power of engaging the public in conversations about mental health + well-being.
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What's Dr. Janelle been up to?


Therapy for Black Girls



Dr. Janelle Talks Complex PTSD, Bridgerton on Therapy for Black Girls w/ Dr. Joy

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In Session: The Official In Treatment Podcast

Dr. Janelle Co-Hosts the HBO Official Podcast for the Show

In Treatment


in 32+ States

Center for Inclusive Therapy + Wellness for Evidenced-Based + Equity-Focused Therapy

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